Reports about disability in Aotearoa

Disability Strategy

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

United Nations

Convention to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity. This is the basis of most current disability advocacy.

NZ Disability Strategy

Office for Disability Issues

The New Zealand Disability Strategy guides the work of government agencies on disability issues from 2016 to 2026. It can also be used by any individual or organisation who wants to learn more about, and make the best decisions on, things that are important to disabled people.

NZ Disability Action Plan

Office for Disability Issues

The Disability Action Plan presents priority work programmes and actions developed through a co-design process by government agencies, disabled people and their representative organisations. The work programmes and actions will advance implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026.

Progress and monitoring of Disability Strategy work

NZ Disability Strategy Annual Report

Office for Disability Issues, 2020

Annual progress report on the implementation of the NZ Disability Strategy.

Office for Disability Issues 2020 Annual Report

Office for Disability Issues, 2020

Annual report for Office for Disability Issues which summarises their work and NZ’s progress on disability rights.

Improving information about disabled people

Office for Disability Issues

Summary of current work on data issues, including Disability Data and Evidence Working Group progress.

Convention Coalition Monitoring Group Reports

Disabled Persons Assembly

Article 33 of the Disability Convention is about making sure the rights for disabled people outlined in the Disability Convention are actioned. Countries need to do this work and talk to disabled people to find out if they are getting their rights or not. These reports monitor the progress on disabled people’s rights.

Disability and data

UNCRPD Article 31 - Statistics and Data Collection

United Nations

Specific article of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that applies to statistics and data collection.

Te Atatū: Developing an indicator of disability

SWA, 2022

The Social Wellbeing Agency has worked with experts in Disabled People’s Organisations and in government to create a new proxy indicator based on government administrative data that can be used to explore outcomes of disabled people. This report summarises the work to create an indicator that identifies people who are likely to be disabled.

2023 NZ Disability Survey

Stats NZ, 2021

Planning and consultation for the 2023 Disability Survey.

The Disability Data Advocacy toolkit: Better information for better policies

International Disability Alliance, 2020

The goal of the Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit is to contribute to the growing global dialogue on the importance of data on persons with disabilities, providing basic knowledge on data collection, analysis, and use of data for evidenced-based advocacy. The toolkit aims at building the capacity of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations around the world, by offering simple approaches to essential afvocacy skillsets that could benefit all persons with disabilities, particularly those underrepresented and in more impoverished regions.

Introduction to the Washington Group Questions

Office for Disability Issues

The Washington Group on Disability Statistics comprising over 100 representations (of national statistical offices and international non-governmental and disability organisations) developed the Washington Group Short Set (WGSS) of questions for countries to use in surveys of the general population.

Life in Aotearoa

Updated numbers on disability

Stats NZ and the Office for Disability Issues, 2020

A summary of newly released data regarding disability in NZ, collected by Stats NZ as part of the Household Labour Force Survey and Household Economic Survey

How life is going for the disability community survey results

Office for Disability Issues, 2021

A weekly survey on the issues and risks being experienced by disabled people in the COVID-19 environment, run by the ODI.

The state of wellbeing and equality for disabled people, their families, and whānau

CCS Disability Action, 2019

Analysis on disabled people’s wellbeing by CCS.

Income, support, and inequality

CCS Disability Action, 2017

Analysis on inequities in Māori and Pacific access to disability-related support.

Ethnic inequality in the payment of the New Zealand Disability Allowance

Sam Murray, Southern DHB, August 2020

Analysis of inequitable payment levels of disability allowances to Māori and Pacific people in Aotearoa.

Sam Murray, Policy Quarterly, November 2018

Assessment of income, poverty, and child support as it relates to disability in NZ, and the case for increasing support payment levels.


Disabled people and tertiary education: An analysis of the 2013 Disability Survey

David Earle, Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis, Ministry of Education, 2019

This report investigates the participation and success of disabled people in tertiary education, using data from the 2013 Disability Survey. The purpose of the report is to inform policy to support the needs of disabled people in tertiary education.

Young people

Youth 19 Youth Survey


An ongoing survey on young people in NZ, including young people with disablities. Particular reports of interest include: